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狀學堂 Juniorversity Mobile Application

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The ABC Pathways Group App is specially designed for ABC Pathways Group parents, allowing you to handle your daily schooling needs conveniently and securely anytime, anywhere.

The main function︰

  • Manage learning progress

  • Apply for leave/make-up

  • Management planning

  • Seasonal programme

  • Receive information


How to Use?

Download and Sign in

Leave Arrangements and Request for Makeup Class

E-Pick Up Card

No Google Play on your Android device (such as Huawei, etc.)?

Please download via APK file “ABC Pathways Group App”。


Through APK file “ABC Pathways Group App”

How do I download the app using an APK file?

  1. Go to Settings and turn on “Install Unknown Apps/Unknown Sources”

  2. Download the Android application package (APK) from our school website

  3. Open the APK file and install it

  4. Go to Settings and turn off “Install unknown apps/unknown sources”
    Version:2.0(Update date: November 20, 2023)


  • Supports Android system version 9.0 or above

  • If you receive a notification of an updated version when using the app, please download the latest versi

  • We recommend that you browse this page regularly and proactively download the latest version to enjoy the latest features.

ABC Pathways Group App

Important statement:

  • This application is designed for use in Hong Kong. The products and services provided by this application are designed for Hong Kong customers.

  • This App is provided by ABC Pathways Group and is only available to customers of ABC Pathways Group Hong Kong.


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