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About Juniorversity

Producing a "Wow" from Parents

"Juniorversity" hopes to blend the western teaching approach into the Chinese education culture. This is to provide an "East meets West" learning setting that is filled with creativity and inspiration, nurturing the "Number One Scholar" (in the imperial examination) - the very best in the new generation.

As a new division of the ABC Pathways Group, "Juniorversity" continues to extend the ABC Pathways School's educational fusion called “Happy Learning”, which delivers the material in a relaxed, yet exciting environment to encourage learning initiatives and yield outstanding results - producing a "Wow" from parents.


Group Member

  • All the teaching materials, teacher training, operation scheme are fully supported by ABC Pathways Group

  • We are a professional English language school established in 2002 which promotes the blending of “happiness”, “schoolwork” and “parental bonding”

  • Learners are assessed and taught based on ability, and are given appropriate challenges that elicit their full potential

  • We have more than 100 professional native English teachers, around 100 Education Consultants, and an experienced Course Development Team

  • We are an educational experience for the whole family. We provide numerous parenting seminars and workshops to equip mums and dads with the various skills they desire

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Our Mission

  1. Cambridge: Programme and Exam-oriented

  2. Pass on an educational fusion called “Happy Learning”

  3. Enhance quality English education in every corner of the world

  4. Ensure the highest quality learning for our learners in every aspect


The only “Educational Partner” recognised by Cambridge University Press

  • Since 2004, ABC Pathways Group has been the one and only “Educational Partner” recognised by Cambridge University Press

  • The group selects Cambridge teaching materials of the highest quality. We annually review local Band One school students’ English standards, and amend our assessment criteria and course levels where necessary in order to ensure our students’ levels of English reach international standards

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