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About ABC Pathways Group

  • ABC Pathways Group, established in 2002 with ABC Pathways School, isdedicated to education where stress-free learning and positive encouragement lead to academic results

  • The curriculum and teaching philosophies across the ABC Pathways Group prepare learners to reach the English standard of Hong Kong Band One schools or international school level

  • ABC Pathways Group’s expertise is in Early Childhood Education and we are passionate about expanding in this field both locally and internationally

  • We care about our learners and their families, therefore we are dedicated to providing the best educational experience for both children and parents

  • Of equal importance to these four core skills, is the development of a genuine interest and a positive attitude to English language learning. It is our belief that a love for English can only be developed through step-by-step learning.

  • By creating a friendly environment where students are able to embark on their journey to learning English at their own pace, it can be guaranteed that the results will surely speak for themselves!

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