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劍橋、Read4fun、Playgroup課程 *家長可以選擇「特別節日課程」,包括復活節及暑期課程作補堂之用 *選擇所屬恒常課程其他班之時間作補堂之用


寶林分校 電話: 2152 2868│WhatsApp: 6296 6780 調景嶺分校 電話: 2191 0801│WhatsApp: 5365 2841 石門分校 電話: 3188 9918│WhatsApp: 6875 3633 大角咀分校 電話: 2116 5108│WhatsApp: 5944 5385 美孚分校 電話: 2856 0091│WhatsApp: 5577 9529 太子分校 電話: 2818 3812│WhatsApp: 6655 2845 粉巔分校 電話: 2818 7373│WhatsApp: 9549 1486 鴨脷洲分校 電話: 2622 2368│WhatsApp: 9549 1876 杏花邨分校 電話: 3468 7181│WhatsApp: 5402 1071

Juniorversity Special Notice:

According to the Education Bureau's announcement, due to a serious outbreak of influenza, all kindergartens and primary schools will be suspended starting from tomorrow on February 8th.

Maintaining hygiene standards and reinforcing preventive measures in all our Juniorversity campuses, students may attend classes as usual.

Parents please make your own decision on whether you wish to send your child to Juniorversity classes or not. If you would prefer to keep your child at home, Juniorversity will offer make-up class(es) arrangements:

Cambridge, Read4fun, and Playgroup

*Parents may choose "Special Programmes" classes which use a range of fun activities and reading and writing tasks, based on existing Juniorversity special programme materials. OR *Parents may choose another class of your child's regular programme to attend as a make-up class.

For any enquiries, please contact your Juniorversity schools, thank you!

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